Lovers’ quarrel

As the lyrics of a classic song goes, love is a many splendored thing. It is simple yet complex as this photo depicts. This is a photo I took of two friends just relishing the company of each other, incidentally a jogger came in the picture. Whether it is just a coincidence or not, most of the time this is the case in some relationships and a cause of rift–3rd parties. But still love endures… 🙂


Sunset over Mekong River

Sunset at Mekong River

Taken from the “Moon the Night” Restaurant. The sun overlooks some youth playing football on the Mekong River.


Last week my family went to the Royal Perth Show. This is the second time we went to the annual event. This is the first time that I’ve seen bike stunts. They were really good. My girls and I enjoyed the show as the riders ‘flew’ from one platform to another leaping more than 30 feet off the ground. 😀

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