Bush Court

The Bush Court at Murdoch University. It’s a place where students converge to bask in the sun, hold a meeting, meet friends and just about anything that you can think you can do under the sun. 😀

On a technical note, this is my first serious try on high dynamic range photography. Obviously, my effort still needs a lot of improvement. I’m still at the birth pain stages, I suppose. Digital Camera Magazine describes HDR as ‘tone mapped’ photograph that captures the real image as seen by the naked eye. Here’s a real sample of a photograph that was HDR processed by my photographer friend, Dan Cercado.

Now, that’s how you process an HDR photo! 😀


6 thoughts on “Bush Court

  1. I am a photography nut – will check out the websites when i get time – let me know how you go – am still trying to remember all you taught me about photoshop all those years ago but find that i fiddle with my photos so much i end up reverting them back to the original after three or four hours of mucking around!

  2. Ei Tom, thanks for visiting! I’m also losing my touch on adobe that’s why I’m practicing from time to time. 😀 quick tip: after working on a photo for some time, just click on ‘save as’ just to ‘document’ how you went, i’m sure the time spent editing the photo is not wasted as you learn in the end. 😉

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